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FineLine's team is comprised of people who know the PCB industry from the inside out and have an in-depth understanding of market needs and customer requirements. FineLine prides itself on employing the very best engineers with the specialized knowledge needed to deliver top quality PC boards.

Benny Kremer, Founder
Benny Kremer founded the company in 2002 after many years in the PCB industry. Benny served for 18 years as VP Marketing & Sales for Melta Ltd., one of Israel's largest PCB manufacturers.

Mrs. O. Kleinman, President and CEO
Orna Kleinman founded the company in 2007, leading the company's operations. Before joining the company, Kleinman also worked in the sales division for Melta for 8 years.

Mr. D. Wolter, Managing Director, Germany
Dirk Wolter has served as managing director since June 2007. Formerly, he served twelve years as deputy managing director of the company, giving him a strong familiarity with the PCB market.

Mr. D. Chen, Managing Director, China
Danny Chen has worked in a variety of positions within the PCB industry including process quality assurance at Glory Sky, sales assistant at BNI PCB, and in customer service at Techwise. He joined FineLine in 2007.

Anan Zreik, VP Technology & Engineering.
18 years experience in the PCB industry. Formerly CTO of PCB Technologies, a leading manufacturer in Israel.

Shay Padness, General Manger.
14 years experience in the electronic industry. Formerly VP supply chain of USR Electronics & Business unit manager of RH Technologies, a leading EMS companies in Israel.