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Special Technologies

MIL qualifications PC Boards

Flex and rigid-flex
  • Single and double-sided flex boards
  • Single side and double-sided flex boards with stiffener
  • Multi layers flex boards
  • Rigid flex boards
  • Regal technology
  • Buried and blind vias
  • Via on pad technology including via filling

Adhesiveless base material Dupont, Thinflex, Taiflex Panasonic, others
Adhesive base material Dupont, Thinflex, Taiflex ,Shengyi , others

Blind and Buried Vias

Mechanical or laser drilling

Blind Via: One side of the hole is external and the other internal.
Buried Via: Two sides of the hole are internal.

  • Efficient surface usage below and above the blind/buried holes
  • Higher board area usage
  • Decrease layer count
  • Decreases noise in RF applications
Back Drilling
  • Mechanical drilling
  • Used in RF applications to reduce noise between holes and layers
  • Requires very accurate drilling machines with Z control option (standard accuracy in Z control 0.15 m"m)
  • Requires special tool to obtain better accuracy in Z depth
  • Requires special registration systems between first and second drilling
  • Requires special measurement equipment and coupons
Heat Sink
  • Internal and external heat sinks
  • Materials:
    • Copper
    • Aluminum
    • Copper invar Copper
  • Dimensions: 2D or 3D
  • Heat sink effect can be achieved by copper paste or silver paste plugging

Backplane Technology

Layer Count 40 60
Thickness 8.4mm 10.0mm
Panel size 1100mmx610mm 1130mmx650mm
Tolerance of Thickness 10% 5%
Drill Depth ф 0.40mm 6.2mm  
ф 0.60mm 8.4mm  
ф 0.60mm   10.0mm
Hole position precision 0.075mm
Registration 6mil 6mil
Finish HASL, ENIG, OSP, Im-Tin/Silver
Min. inner layer thickness 0.1mm 0.075mm
Line width/space inner 0.15mm/0.15mm 0.1mm/0.1mm
outer 0.2mm/0.2mm 0.15mm/0.15mm
Impedance control 10% 5%
Back Drilling/ Buried Capacitance/ Buried
Resistance/ Hybrid/ Step Hole/ Step Slot/ Edge PTH

Aluminum copper clad circuits

Via On Pad and Hole Plugging
  • Mechanical or laser drilling
  • Higher efficiency usage of the area on the XY level
  • Mechanical vias should be filled using epoxy paste and apply copper plating. The epoxy paste contains ceramic or other fillers to control Z expansion.
  • Micro vias holes can be filled using epoxy paste or copper filling.