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The vision of FineLine group is to become a leading supplier of printed circuit boards for customers worldwide, meeting industry standards and providing exceptional service at all times.


FineLine's mission is to supply top quality PC boards to customers' exact specifications and meet their specific needs in terms of quality, quantity, pricing, delivery, and quality. We are dedicated to providing a total service from prototype development through supply of finished products. We specialize in complex applications that require multidisciplinary knowledge and technological expertise. We serve a wide variety of market sectors including telecommunications, aerospace, military, medicine, industrial, and consumer.

  • At FineLine, quality is a given. We meet the highest international standards.
  • We are dedicated to speaking our clients' language and meeting their specific requirements.
  • We leverage our specialized PCB expertise to ensure that products meet clients' expectations every time.
  • We are committed to supplying PC boards at the right time, to the right place, at the right price.
  • We value our employees' expertise, experience, dedication, and shared commitment to achieving excellence.
  • Our manufacturing partners are critical to our success. Through constant communication and team work, we are able to successfully meet our customers' needs.