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Press release

Q.P.I. Group has been acquired by Fineline Global

Helmond, dd.
The Helmond based Q.P.I. Group Holding B.V. has been acquired by Fineline Global as of 1st October 2015. Fineline is a leading global supplier of Printed Circuit Boards and solutions to the electronics industry. This acquisition will complement and strengthen Fineline with its presence in the Benelux and Central Europe. It will enhance its capabilities in design, delivery of prototypes and high level engineering and technological support. The acquisition follows the acquisitions of KBL Circuits in Germany and IM-EX in Italy in 2014 and is another step in Fineline's commitment to provide a wide support to its customers in the European market. QPI expects that the additional capabilities of Fineline in terms of local supplier management, wider supplier base and IT systems, combined with QPI’s outstanding capabilities in the field of Advanced PCB Technology, PCB Design and Model-Shop will provide a significant added value to the customers in the Benelux and Central Europe. QPI will continue to do business under its current name: Q.P.I. Group B.V. Arjan Warnaar, the current CEO and principal of the QPI Group will lead the integration process and will continue the overall management of QPI group as the group CEO.

"The QPI Group has an aggressive growth strategy and to realize its ambitions it needs a strong partner. With Fineline as our partner we can make use of several high-quality production lines and excellent support, both in logistics and in quality. QPI brings to the table not only specific knowledge of flex-rigid and special PCB constructions, but also a lot of knowledge about PCB design and a laboratory for printed circuit board investigations".

Orna Kleinman, president of Fineline Global, "QPI has demonstrated a significant market share in the Belgium and the Netherlands and did show substantial turnover growth in the Central European countries. QPI has an outstanding customer support and a high knowledge level of PCB Technology and PCB design. We are confident that with Fineline’s size of operations QPI will enhance its services to the Benelux and the Central European market and provide their customers with outstanding products and service."

About the Q.P.I. Group:
The Q.P.I. group, consisting of several business activities, develops and supplies Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) for numerous applications and market sectors. Q.P.I. is a specialised one-stop-shop, from the customer’s first idea for a product right through to the (series) production of the final PCBs. In addition, customers can come to Q.P.I. for any stage of the product creation chain, such as PCB lay-out, ordering existing PCBs, manual prototyping and all other activities involved in the development process. For its own use and the use of third parties, Q.P.I. has a well-equipped laboratory for carrying out all the relevant PCB tests. The Q.P.I. Group employs 60+ people, located in the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden/Finland, Poland and China.